Hat woven label / Patch Services
Hat woven label / Patch Services
100 (Unit Price $0.50)100 (Unit Price $2.00)250 (Unit Price $0.50)250 (Unit Price $1.50)500 (Unit Price $0.50)500 (Unit Price $1.20)1000 (Unit Price $0.50)1000 (Unit Price $1.00)
Inside woven labelFront Embroidery Patch

Our experienced Soulkal team is here to help brand those hats

2 services:

- inside woven label application

- Embroidery patch application

If you do not know how to ship your hats, contact us we can send a label ready to ship


any questions: contact@Soulkal.com


Design Services
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About SoulKal:

SoulKal opened its doors in 2010, with a goal of designing better quality clothing and delivering products and services that set our customer's brands apart.

After 10 years in business working for some of the most iconic brands in America, we've decided to offer access to the tool that we have been building and perfecting over the years to the public. 

Designers & Small Businesses, welcome to the SoulKal Online Store!  We hope that you enjoy our offering. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

- Lionel Moroy, President

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