Custom Hats Program


We specialize in custom designed hats.
We work closely with our vendors to ensure fit, quality and craftsmanship is adhered to in every hat.With any custom hat, your are only limited by your imagination.
Choose from a number of different styles, fits, colors, fabrics and finishes.


Choose your Colors

Choose from an infinite number of colors to match your company color

 ways, sports team or brand identity. 

 Skies the limit!

Choose your Fabrics

We can custom make your hats using any fabrication.
 The most commonly used fabrics and blends include:

  • 100% Cotton Twill 
  • 80% Acrylic / 20% Wool 
  • 47% Cotton / 25% Polyester /
  •  28% Nylon (Trucker Hats)100% Polyester

Choose your Finish

Choose from a number of finishes to complement the style and look of your custom hat.

  • Embroidery 
  • Screen Printing 
  • Patch – woven, leather, PU 
  • Heat TransferRubber