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Plastisols are the most commonly used inks for printing designs on to garments, and are particularly useful for printing graphics on dark fabrics. Plastisol is extremely opaque and can retain a bright image for many years with proper care.

Water Base

Water base inks penetrate the fabric more than plastisol inks and create a more softer hand feel. Ideal for printing darker inks onto lighter colored garments and where texture is important.


Discharge ink is used to print lighter colors onto dark background fabrics. It works by removing the dye of the garment giving it a natural soft feel.


Foil has a reflective/mirror look to it. Although foil is finished with a heat press process it needs the screen printing process in order to add the adhesive glue onto the material for the desired logo or design.

Soft Hand

Soft hand printing is available in plastisol and water base inks.

Four-Color Process

Four-color process is when the artwork is created and then separated into four colors (CMYK) which combine to create the full spectrum of colors needed for photographic prints. This means a large number of colors can be simulated using only 4 screens, reducing costs, time, and set-up.


Expanding ink, or puff, is an additive to plastisol inks which raises the print off the garment, creating a 3D feel and look to the design.

Jewel Tone

Jewel Tone (also known as Glitter or Shimmer ink) is when metallic flakes become an additive in the ink base to create a sparkle effect. Usually available in gold or silver but can be mixed to make most colors.


Suede ink is a milky colored additive that is added to plastisol. With suede additive you can make any color of plastisol have a suede feel. It is actually a puff blowing agent that does not bubble as much as regular puff ink.

Environmentally Friendly

We take great care in looking after our environment by using premium quality Phthalate Free inks (removal of toxic components).
 All wastes are disposed of correctly and safely to ensure there is no pollution to our environment.