PREMIUM TEE / Marketing T-Shirt - 30 days Fulfillment Package
PREMIUM TEE / Marketing T-Shirt - 30 days Fulfillment PackagePREMIUM TEE / Marketing T-Shirt - 30 days Fulfillment Package
200 pieces $13.85/Unit500 pieces $12.98/Unit1000 pieces $11.69/Unit
Shopify E-Commerce (+$500)NO Need for a store

Sell your own branded merchandise today, All in one solution.

- Ideal for an event or short marketing placement
- Easy product link to Instagram and Facebook shopping


200 Tee shirts price each: $13.85
500 Tee shirts price each: $12.98
1000 Tee shirts price each: $11.69

Your Profit:

200 units, sold at $25.00 Total profit: $2230.00
500 price, sold at $25.00 Total profit: $6010.00
1000 price, sold at $25.00 Total profit: $13310.00


1 Design ( 3 colors variation t-shirts)
200, 500 or 1000 Premium t-shirt  up to 4 colors front / custom neck print
Includes a picture approval


Fold and Poly bag with size stickers.
Shipped in a soft flat plastic envelop



30 days starting when the inventory is ready to ship.
Product will be estimated to ship 14 days from the order placed.

Storage, handling, packaging, service fees.
Return charge: +4.00 each item
(Exclude shipping cost USPS, UPS, FEDEX)


Option Shopify E-Commerce: +$500
From your Shopify store connect Facebook or Instagram and tag your product



All remaining products will be shipped to the customer or option to extend fulfillment services at $0.25 per month per unit.



Contact us for questions or other options such as Long Sleeves, Hats, hoodies, accessories, or different quantities

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About SoulKal:

SoulKal opened its doors in 2010, with a goal of designing better quality clothing and delivering products and services that set our customer's brands apart.

After 10 years in business working for some of the most iconic brands in America, we've decided to offer access to the tool that we have been building and perfecting over the years to the public. 

Designers & Small Businesses, welcome to the SoulKal Online Store!  We hope that you enjoy our offering. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

- Lionel Moroy, President

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